The technology that results from our research is both used in our own products and also available for licensing, with some even made available for free.


Our Embeddable Graphic Object System provides the Postscript and PDF interpreters necessary for most of our current products.

  • Both streaming (SAX-like, CGContext-compatible) and memory-based (DOM-like, NSImageRep compatible) APIs
  • Proven and portable: in use on macOS, iOS, Linux and Windows
  • Re-entrant, thread-safe and multi-instance capable
  • Compact: less than 50 KLOC, compiles in under 30 seconds including dependencies

Contact us for further information, including licensing.

Objective-XML is the fastest Objective-C XML parser. In addition to fast versions of legacy DOM and SAX APIs (NSXMLParser-compatible), it also provides a new MAX API that is both more comfortable and faster to use than either. It is used in a wide variety of Cocoa and CocoaTouch apps. If you are on Snow Leopard or Mountail Lion, Objective-XML is actually pre-installed on your machine in PrivateFrameworks, as it is used by Apple system software. On Leopard and later, a version of Objective-XML powers Spotlight indexing of XML and HTML content where it achieved 10x speed improvements (now limited by disk throughput, limited by CPU before). Download source from github.

An exploration in minimal language design, Objective-Smalltalk hosts a Smalltalk implementation on top of the Objective-C runtime.

The MPWFoundation is not just another bag of random additions to the *Step/Cocoa Foundation libraries, although it does include its share of useful enhancements:

  • Macros for accessors and NSCoding reduce coding effort, errors and maintenance requirements
  • Object Caches for fast temporary objects
  • Object wrappers for arrays of primitive types avoid NSNumber speed and size penalties and provide some powerful processing capabilities.
  • ...

More significantly, it also includes implementations of both ObjectStreams and Higher Order Messaging (HOM) described in more detail on our reasearch pages. Download source from github.


Our unit test framework for Objective-C is also available, supporting test first design and coding. It features a minimal and dependence-free design, meaning that the code under test is independent of the testing framework, while at the same time also being convenient enough to encourage the practice. We use it all the time! Download here.

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